The New Superhero!

I’d tried a bunch of names for my blog. but, turns out, they were all already taken. so the name i finally choose  (the new superhero) was actually the title of the commonapp essay i wrote for my college applications. so, i think, the first post for this blog is ought to be the essay that inspired the blog’s name!

So here it is:


Faster than a bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, flying between skyscrapers, and most importantly…fighting bad guys and saving the world. As a kid, like most kids I too wanted to be a superhero. For most kids, this dream passes with their childhoods. But I still want to be superhero. However, my perception of a superhero has changed with time.

Today, for me a superhero is an economist. His greatest superpowers are his ideas. Although he may not be faster than a bullet or as powerful as a locomotive, he still is a superhero, for he does the most important things. He spends his life fighting bad guys which are inflation, unemployment, and economic slump-with his super powers (ideas). He spends his life saving the world; keeping these bad guys(like unemployment) away from our lives and our economies. His greatest
power-from which he draws his superpowers (ideas)-is his knowledge and information. His kryptonite is incorrect and skewed information. I have referred to his knowledge and information as mere powers, as information may be
held by ordinary mortals but it takes a superhero to make an idea (superpower) out of it. I believe it is this ability to draw superpowers (ideas) that distinguishes and exalts a superhero….And that’s what I want to be, a
superhero, an economist.

This isn’t how things always were. Until grade 9, although I was equally good at social sciences, I was as the ‘science kid’ of my class. Then in grade 10, gamma rays mutated me, the super-spider bit me, economics was introduced to me. I knew I had found the one. The one I could spend my life with, studying, exploring, and, maybe someday, helping the world.

Economics gave a new meaning to my life, a new perspective to see the world.Everything looked different. I saw a new dimension, to the world around me.From the potholes on the highway to the out of work coolies, all problems      seemed different in this new light. I started reading-more than ever. After all, I need powers (information and knowledge) to derive superpowers (ideas). I’ve started having superpowers (ideas) of my own. However, I often discover that somebody has already saved the world with these superpowers (some great guy has already published these ideas).

But undaunted, I persevere, for someday I will come up with a truly original idea, a truly original superpower, and then this world will have a new superhero.

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